Thinking Aloud: Should Teams Really Have to Keep Their Draft Picks for a Year Before Trading Them?

              I think it’s pretty fair to say that most of the teams in Baseball who had good drafts in ’10, had pretty lousy minor league systems before the Amateur draft in early june. That also tells us, all of these good prospects that good added to many systems in ’10, are obviously inelgible to be traded which has hurt the chances of most teams wishes to acquire some of Baseball’s most compelling trade candidates. For example,

Tigers: They have have one of Baseball’s worst minor league systems, might be able to easily acquire any trade candidate they want if Drew Smyly, Nick Castellanos, Corey Brown, and Chance Ruffin were eligible to be traded.

Blue Jays: The Jays minus their 2010 draftees, have a pretty lousy system. Thanks to AA’s work and his strong draft, the Jays are now top 5 in farm systems in Baseball. By no means do I think they should have traded Danny Farquahar and Trystan Magnuson for the poor on base skills of Rajai Davis, but you take a look at Aaron Sanchez, Asher Wojciechowski, Dickie Joe Thon, Deck McGuire, Griffin Murphy…Well put it this way, can you say Justin Upton? Not to say they couldn’t acquire Upton with Snider and a couple other guys with high upsides, but “what if” is the question you ask yourself.

Red Sox: I think Theo Epstein would feel much more compfortable trading his pitching prospects for Adrian Gonzalez if Anthony Ranaudo and Brandon Workman were eligible to be traded, he might just ship them to SD as part of a package for A-Gon or to Milwaukee for Prince. If I’m Doug Melvin, I say okay to that, but thats a different story. Garin Cecchni, Kendrick Perkins, Brandon Jacobs, Bryce Brentz, and Kolbrin Vitek just to name a few, are other potential trade candidates who could lure in a ton of talent, that is if they were eligible to be traded.

White Sox: I am a huge fan of 3 White Sox draft picks. Those 3 are Addison Reed, Jacob Petricka, and Chris Sale. The Sox might not only have been able to acquire Adam Dunn last summer, which could have had a huge impact on the results of the AL Central at the end of the regular season, but they could easily acquire Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez right now. Not to say they wont dangle some of their ’10 draftees come July next year, but you have to believe that Kenny Williams and I have common thoughts when it comes to the White Sox systems.

Nationals: The Nats are interesting. Greinke, Upton, Garza, and other big name players are on their radar, and if Sammy Solis, A.J. Cole, Rick Hague, and even if Bryce Harper were available, who knows what the Nationals roster would look like. They might even give 4 other contending teams in their division a run for their money come the ’11 season.

Those are just a few, actually five teams who will not only have trouble bringing in big names (minus Justin Upton because Kevin Towers want Major Leaguers who can make an impact tomorow) this winter, but would have a much easier time and a better team in ’11 if they were able to trade draft picks from the same year. So the question presents itself; should teams really be required to hold on to draft picks for a whole year before trading them? I’m not sure, but I know that MLB and MiLB would be much more interesting if teams were able to.

This also tells us something else, teams who had good drafts in ’10, saved their minor league system. The Tigers, Blue Jays, Astros, Pirates, Nationals, and Indians had pretty dull farm systems before the draft. Not saying all 6 are the top 6 systems in Baseball now, but the word would be much “improved.”

Furthermore, Bud Selig has a lot on his mind as we speak and write. This would be an interesting change to MLB and the draft, you also ask yourself is players would rather not sign out of high school if it meant getting traded right after you sign. Then again, free agents can’t sign until after the season starts. And lastly, this is all just me imagining “what if.” Do I think something will change in the current way teams hold on to players after the draft? Not really, but it’s just thinking about “what could happen,”

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