Interview With Phillies Prospect Jiwan James

This is an interview with Philadelphia Phillies prospect Jiwan James. Jiwan spent the 2010 season playing for the Lakewood Blueclaws. Jiwan did a great job with this interview. This was definetly my favorite interview I’ve done. I hope you enjoy
Me: Talk to me about some of your favorite high points of the ’10 season at Lakewood.
Jiwan: The entire season, from the first spring training game with those guys, until the final out of the Championship game. We had way too much fun together to try and name certain points along the way.

Me: Do you ever think about what it would be like to play alongside Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and other current Phillies stars?

Jiwan: I’ve thought about it a few times, but its nothing that I’ve completely set my mind on. Im sure it would be a lot of fun with them, but who’s there when I get there is out of my control.
Me: Have you had any discussions about where you’re going to play in ’11 and have you reached out to any former Reading Phillies to ask for advice?
Jiwan: I haven’t had any discussions on where I’ll play in ’11. Im just going to head into camp and try to make a team. I talked to Domonic Brown throughout the season this year, and I talked to J.Slayden during instructs some.

Me: Favorite current Major Leaguer?

Jiwan: J.Roll and Howard. I know them on a personal level now and there just down to earth great people. When your with them away from the field, its like hanging out with some of your high school buddies from home.

Me: Do you think minor leaguers should be evaluated by sabermetrics and what are your thoughts on advanced stays as such?

Jiwan: It doesnt really matter to me rather minor leaguers get evaluated by sabermetricts or not. Looking at someone’s stats doesn’t really show you what type of player they are, It just gives you an Idea. Stats don’t show what type of clubhouse guy you are which could be the reason your winning or what kind of character you have which could be the reason your not getting the call even though your having a great season statistically. So that stuff really doesnt matter.

Me: Do you ever try to emulate your former idols when in the batters box? If so who.

Jiwan: No shot, I know everyone is their own player. So Im just trying to figure out what works for me in the box and stick with it.

Me: Talk about the season you guys had and how awesome it was to dominate A ball.

Jiwan: We had a great season and it was alot of fun. I dont know if anyone on our roster would have had it any other way. We won both halfs and the title so what more can you ask for from the season. I think its easy to dominate something when your entire team hates to lose. We had a team full of winners, so it was like we had no choice but to win night in and night out.
Me: Last one, what are your thoughts on Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton?
Jiwan: Cosart was alot of fun to watch pitch, especially at home because I could turn around out there in CF and look at the radar gun. Every time he went 95+ I let out a little scream and whoever was in LF and RF would just look at me like I was crazy. Then he’d snap off a nasty breaking ball and have some of the hitters buckling there knees in the box, and I’d give a few chuckles from those too. As long as I wasnt up there facing that, I thought it was funny.

When Singleton came up, for the first month, month and a half, he was easily the best hitter in baseball I thought. Whenever he came up to bat I made it my business to get up off the bench or stop whatever I was doing in the dugout and watch his at bat. It was like he could do nothing wrong. It seemed as If everything was in slow motion to him the way he was taking pitches, and then when he did get a pitch he liked it was crazy how hard he was hitting the ball. Hagerstown infielders said 1 day that whenever he came up to hit they all took a few extra steps back because of how hard he was hitting the ball. I can’t wait to watch him put on a show for a full season and drive me in all year long.


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