Whats Going to Happen with Vin Mazzaro?

When you stumble upon a chance to acquire a possible #2 or #3 pitcher with some upside and a young, raw, and smart strikeout arm, chances are you shouldn’t pass it up. Well Dayton Moore didn’t pass it up when he had the opportunity to acquire RHP Vin Mazzaro and Justin Marks in exchange for one year of David DeJesus.

vmazzaro.jpgI’ll tell you what; I like this deal for the Royals a lot. Of course you can look at Mazzaro’s season stats and criticize him for his 4.25 ERA or his low amount of strikeouts, but this is a durable young starter with potential to be a Chad Billingsley type of starter with a much more effortless delievery to go along with a 3 pitch mix including a fastball that ranges from 90-93 touching 94 and a slider that ranges from 82-85 and a decent change up.

Bottom line, these are the type of pitchers the Royals need to take a chance on. I mean, if he ends up sporting an 8.50 ERA and a WHIP over 1.40 in ’11, then it’s okay to criticize the move. But what happens if he breaks out (which I think he will) and puts up a 3.50 ERA to go along with 7 K/9?

Mazzaro is also a very good guy from my neck of the woods (New York/New Jersey). His simple delivery makes him even more fun to watch not to mention his often used fastball that sometimes has a bit of cut to it.

vmazzaro-dejesus-307ml111010.jpgWhat do you think of this deal for the Royals? Will Mazzaro pan out? Will this deal favor the Royals in the future? Will Justin Marks be something special?



  1. corry342

    I’m an A’s fan, so I may have a tendency to rank Mazzaro higher than others might, but I think this was a good trade for both teams. The A’s needed a mature bat, and they have plenty of fine young pitchers. Notwithstanding that the A’s were hoping Hisashi Iwakuma would be the final starter, they have guys like Josh Outman and Bobby Cramer available as well, so they could spare Mazzaro.

    Mazzaro is good at getting two strikes on a hitter, but then he starts to nibble. A different mental approach may be in order, but that’s not a tall hill to climb. Mazzaro will benefit by being assured a rotation spot despite the usual ups and downs, while at the same time having to realize that the Royals are depending on him. His stats may not be great in 2011, but Mazzaro only just turned 24, and he’s only had 213 major league innings. I think by the end of 2011 he will be a solid starter, just like Gio Gonzalez has turned out to be for the A’s, after some ups and downs of his own.

    Justin Marks was a 3rd round pick (2009) who was a dependable A-ball starter in his first full season in the minors. That’s already a better start than a lot of guys. There’s always a probabilistic element to the minors–some guys make it and some don’t–but not every major league pitcher profiles like Stephen Strasbourg. There’s a about a 40 Delta that Marks will make it into the majors in some kind of role, and that’s not a bad return for a “throw-in.” Even if Marks just ends up as a 5th starter or lefty reliever, rosters are full of guys who were just solid in the minors, not All-Stars. I wouldn’t write him off.

  2. SPANdemonium


    I completely agree with you. I think it was a fair trade for both sides and I expect every player in that trade to be exceptional. I agree that it might take Vin Mazzaro sometime, but keep in mind that his Season was better than his ERA suggest. If you subtract his 2 starts against the Yankees and Angels his Season looks much better. Marks I like a lot. I think he’s going to be a bit of a project, but I expect him to pitch decent in Wilmington. We’ll see!

  3. experiencebaseball

    I was a very good trade for both teams. Helps the Royals out short and long term but Vin Mazzaro is not a #2 or 3 starter with alot of upside many scouts this past year see him as a nice #4.

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