Interview with Royals Prospect Will Smith

Do you have a putaway pitch that you like throwing especially to get out of a jam or strike a good batter out? if so, what?
well they say the hardest pitch to hit in baseball fastball down and away so when i’m in a jam and need that groundball pitch i would probably go there.


In all honesty, you started pitching much better and you looked like a much better pitcher after the trade. Did anything happen that made you pitch a lot better?

Well when i got traded i felt like i had something to prove to everyone on the team an organaztion so i guess it was just always in the back of my mind to do everything i could to win and it helps to be a little lucky too


What can you tell us about the importance of a simple easy delivery?

When you have a simple easy delivery you don’t have very many chances of something going wrong. All your really worried about is just break your hands on time and get our front. With it being simple you can last longer in the game which is always a good thing


What are your thoughts on Wil Myers as a catcher and a hitter? And was he an integral part in your Wilmington success?

Myers can hit like no other. He really has some serious talent in that deparment, and his catching skills arent the same as his hitting skills but he still knows what he is doing back there and can call a great game.


What was it like to have a guy like Christian Colon behind you and what are your thoughts on him as a 2B?

CC is solid with out a doubt. He can flat out play and i have complete confidence in him out there to make the play, and if you stick him at 2B i’m sure he will be there same there, he is just a great baseball player


What was it like to be part of the Magical Northwest Arkansas Naturals season?

Well i was only apart of it for 2 weeks and it was awesome to be in the clubhouse with that team and the kinda of attitude that said were going to win today no matter what, and i cant complain about coming from the last place team in the Texas league to the first place team and get a ring!


What are your expectations for the upcoming season Will?

To win with out a doubt, and where ever i start next year the goal will be to win another ring, and to just keep working hard to get to the big leagues


Were there any fans that you made a relationship with on the Travelers that came to see you on the Nats? If not, can you talk about a few fun stories from the 2010 season?

The most fun i had was on the Willmington team from all the mario cart battles to all the intese card games between myers and joey lewis, and being able to talk crap the rest of the day on them!


What will the scouting report be on Will Smith in 5 years?

well i would hope to be in the major leagues and one of my favorite pitcher is Bob Gibson and i try to take his mentality with never backing down and that its MY plate to every batter that steps in.
Last one. A fun question. Was Rocky Bluewinkle ever really annoying? Did you have any fun moments with him?
He really wasnt that bad. he did his crazy things everynight at the park but he was pretty cool but he wasn’t as bad as the rally celery or whatever that thing was!

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