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Interview with Astros Prospect Albert Cartwright

Albert Cartwright is one of my favorite prospects in Baseball and he is one of the best prospects in a much improved Houston Astros farm system. The speedy and versatile 5 tool player did a great job with this interview and I hope you enjoy it.

Me: Talk to me about the transition from Lancaster to Corpus Christi and what adjustments you had to make.

Albert: Lancaster was a good league with alot of good pitchers but i thought when i got to Corpus the pitcher had a better plan and didnt stray away from it until you made the adjust

Me: Describe what you think is the biggest part of your game and how you can improve upon it.

Albert: biggest part of my game is my speed so i try to work it into my game the best that i can meaning; taking the extra base, bunting ,tagging up when necessary anyway i can make the defense uncomfortable that’s how i try  to play this game of baseball

Me: You set the Cal League record for most triples in a game. Whats a record you’d like to break at the Major League level?

Albert: setting a cali league record is a big accomplishment that i cherish dearly and my biggest concern is to help a team win at the major league level but if any record stands out at me is the stolen base record

Me: What are some of the highlights of the ’10 season for you?

Albert: two highlights that stand out to me from 2010 is the game i set the record for most triples and the game i hit my first career walk off base hit.
i can remember coming to the plate my third at bat thinking if im going to get anything to hit and after i hit another tripple hearing the cheers from the crowd and my biggest accomplishment of 2010 is hitting a walk off to win the game bottom of the 9th at home. walking to the plate telling myself just get a good pitch over the plate and sure enough i got a curveball down the middle

Me: What are some things you’re doing this off-season and how can that prepare you for Spring Training and the upcoming season?

Albert: preparing my self mental and physically to endure the the long brutal season ahead of me. pushing yourself in the gym and putting time on the field and in the batting cages. putting in time gets me ready for the season

Me: You were drafted in the 36th round and are now one of the Astros better prospects. Describe the journey it’s been all the way from Polk College to where you are now and did you have to turn many heads after getting drafted much later than most?

Albert: getting drafted in later rounds is definitely harder . you dont get the chance or opportunities a early round pick would get so it puts more pressure on you to perform but i would say once you go out and do what you got to do on and off the field your chance will come where you can show your talent now once you get ya chance to show what you can do you have to run with it and i think with the opportunities i got i turn a few heads. polk community college baseball program led by former head coach Joe Arnold and assissant coach Brian Kraft  got me prepare and help shape my overall game to take it to the next level and by listen to the Houston Astros coaching staff and putting everything together help mold my game to what it is now.

Me: Who are some of your biggest idols and do you ever seek help from current Astros?

Albert: My biggest idols i would say is my mother Patricia Cartwright and my father Albert Cartwright. I learned early in my life just by watching them go out and handle there business waking up early in the morning before the sunrise in the morning just to provide for me and my brother Cyril and sister Amanda. my parents did what it takes just to make sure that we had anything they didn’t had as a child and i commend them for that. past two season i had the the opportunity to have the same manager Tom Lawless who i look up to and who helps me out with my overall game from hitting to defense 

Me: Toughest pitcher you’ve faced in college and in the minors?

Albert: toughest pitcher i faced in my short career i would say is Matt Latos when i was as at Polk and he was at Broward community college

Me: When going through the draft process, which team were you hoping would draft you, and was the signing process somewhat hard or lengthy?

Albert: during the draft process it was more of a wait to see who will take me more than i hope a certain team. the signing process was a bit lengthy but nothing to bad i was leaning more on going back to school and signing in 07 so after a week or two after being selected by the Astros i had a conversation with my dad Albert Cartwright and after that i decided ill sign with the Houston Astros

Me: Talk to me about your teammate, J.D. Martinez

Albert: J.D is a good friend of mine with a good work ethic and talent. the times he spend studying pitching and hitting in the cage is amazing to be on a team with him and to workout with him in off season is a privilege just to be able to learn and to know what he is thinking at times although he is still you young and has alot more baseball to play and much more to learn he is an amazing talent


What to do with the Marlins Bullpen

Lots of talk has been centered around the Marlins bullpen. Personally, I think Leo Nunez has to go.

Some ideas that came to mind involve the Marlins shopping him for a young CF or 3B prospect with less upside than most but ceiling of a solid regular.

I first thought of Ryan Kalish and Ben Revere. Both of whom have their value high enough.

Kalish could be available due to the fact that he is blocked. He profiles as a potential 15 HR, 25 SB, .290/.360 type of guy.

Revere will hit less home runs but hit for a higher average and steal more bases.

Both players are solid defensively. Leo Nunez on the other hand is undervalued due to his horrid back to back Septembers. Not only is he a potential closer, but he has proven that until the aforementioned evil month, he can come out back to back nights and either close the game out or set up the closer while sitting at 95 MPH.

He is also under team control for several more years despite getting a raise which could total out to be $4.5MM.

This is all just speculation but I’d be surprised if Nunez is with the Marlins come Spring Training.

However, I do expect them to pursue someone like Joe Beimel or Tim Byrdak. Both of whom are lefties who can mentor young southpaw, Michael Dunn, which is what the Marlins are hoping to get done, no pun intended.

Also keep in mind that Joe Beimel has been highly effective as a reliever in his career. Not once has he had a particularly bad season.

Let me know what you think!