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How can Rich Harden be Rich Harden again?

If anybody has heard yet, that Cliff Lee guy signed with the Phillies. The Rangers, who had hoped the ace left hander would stay in the Lone Star State, chose otherwise, leaving a big hole in the Texas rotation. So there has been plenty of talk about signing Rafael Soriano and pitching him in the 9th thus sending Neftali Feliz to the rotation. Like Rich Harden, who is the centric of this entry, Feliz has tremendous stuff. Would it really make sense to put a closer who was dominant through 70-80 innings in a rotation where he would pitch 200 innings and have all of the opposing hitters get used to his fastball and curve? Or does it make sense to keep him in the closer role where he can empty everything out in one inning?

Well Rich Harden is apparently in talks with his former team, the Swingin’ A’s on what would most likely be a one year deal with plenty of incentives. The real question is, will he be starting or relieving?

Personally, Rich Harden is one of my favorite pitchers. He can’t stay healthy, but when he is healthy, he’s sometimes unhitable. Other times, he doesn’t miss bats and gets in to lots of trouble with opposing hitters. So like someone like Clay Hensley for example, does moving to the pen take pressure off of not only you, but your manager, and your teamates. I could see Harden succeeding in the 5th spot in the A’s rotation, but there are definetly some pros about possibly setting up for Andrew Bailey. In fact, say the aformentioned Feliz pitched in the rotation this year and pitches quite well, can Harden join a teams rotation in ’12 after expierence in the pen and pitch a decent 180 innings? I’m not sure, but the problem again for Harden has not been the fact that he can’t pitch well, it’s about staying healthy. In 2008, he was dominant. It would be great to see him get back to that form, but for now, I think a place like Oakland, even though things didn’t end well, would be a fine fit for him unlike Colorado or any other team in the west. I thought a la Clay Hensley, the Marlins would be a great fit on a minor league deal and a chance to make the rotation, but it looks like he’s close to a deal with the A’s. Let’s just hope that Rich Harden can be Rich Harden again. 

The 3 “R’s”. Parallels and comparisons between the Royals, Rangers, and Rays

The three R’s. Well i’m certainly not talking about radishes, rhino’s, and rolex’s. I’m also not going to be discussing Ryne Sandberg, Ricky Weeks, and Ronny Paulino. We’re going to discuss the comparisons and parellels between the Royals, Rangers, and Rays over the past several and the next several seasons.

Take a look at the Yankees organization. Great management, great fan attendance. The point is, the Yankees management is among the best in Baseball due to passion for keeping the game original and spending when they need to. They are not the only productive organization in Baseball, but the three that I am discussing today couldn’t be more different. Take a look at the Rays for example. They don’t have the money to go out and spend $181MM on Mark Teixeira or get in to a bidding war for Matt Holliday. The Rays have to draft, spend internationally, build from within, and maintain a team where you have little fan attendance and no payroll. The aformentioned ballclub has obviously been extremely successful lately thanks to Stuart Sternberg, Andrew Friedman, among others…But can a team succeed in the long run when they are in the dumps for such a long time? I say the answer is yes, and I think Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers fan base would agree. Obviously you look at some of the great moves that Jon Daniels has made recently. Now take a look at their 2007 draft, again, I used the “D” word. Most of the trades that they have made over the past year consist of letting go of players to whom they had drafted in ’07. Isn’t that all it is though? If you draft smart, spend money on amateurs including international amateurs, how far can that get you in the long run? Now take a look at the Royals. Not only the best farm system in Baseball but maybe the best farm system in Baseball History. I could spend hours just discussing and thinking about how scary their teams are and they are still underrated.

Now how do the Royals go about becoming a winning and successful franchise again such as the current Rays and Rangers? Well there are actually a lot of comparisons that need to be discussed.

According to Baseball America’s top 10 Rays prospects in 2007, (by the way, tell me this isn’t extremely awesome) from 1-10, Evan Longoria, David Price, Jake McGee, Wade Davis, Reid Brignac, Desmond Jennings, Jeff Neimann, Jeremy Hellickson, Ryan Royster, Chris Mason.

Obviously it’s about those two big names, Ryan Royster and Chris Mason. Seriously though, is that all it takes to be a winning team let alone successful franchise for years to come? Simplfying it, maybe. The Texas Rangers now, who actually had a little bit of a different road to glory, boasted the best Minor League System for a time before they had their pieces in place for this season. Now if you look at their roster, Elvis Andrus, Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz, Mitch Moreland, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, among others…All of whom are on that team due to Estaban Loaiza, Mark Teixeira, and good drafting. The Rangers also have two minor leaguers who I really like, both international signings, Martiz Perez and Jurrickson Profar.

So the point is, can the Royals, who currently boast a top 15, (my opinion) Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Wil Myers, John Lamb, Mike Montgomery, Christian Colon, Chris Dwyer, Johnny Giavotella, Cheslor Cuthbert, Danny Duffy, Salvador Perez, Tim Collins, Brett Eibner, Derrick Robinson, and Crawford Simmons. Now there are many others who I can go crazy about (and trust me there are), but the question is, can these 15 translate in to a 2013 2008 Rays season? You look at the Rays and how their great drafts translated in to 3 consecutive winning seasons to say the least, the Rangers who will in my opinion have a winning team for many years to come, and the Royals, who in my opinion are extremely underrated and have a lot to be excited about.

 The point is to focus more on the drafts, international scouting, player development and such, that to me is more important than signing player A for $10MM and player B for $15MM. Dayton Moore has done a fantastic job even after dealing Leo Nunez and Ramon Ramirez for pretty much nothing. Bottom line is, there is a lot to be excited for if you are a Royals fan, and even more to be excited about if you are a Rays and Rangers fan, who are two and three of the best managed teams in Baseball. The Rays, Rangers, and Royals…The REAL three “R’s”

Top 50 Most Underrated Prospects

This is a list of in my opinion, the top 50 best prospects in Baseball who are people dont usually talk about. I hope you all like it. Let me know if you like it, and If you don’t like it, let me know as well.There are obviously some guys who got left off, but we are all aware that there are hundred of underrated prospects in MILB.


1. Jason Kipnis (Indians): I’m going to say this once and once only. Kipnis is going to be better than Dustin Ackley, and watch for him in the AFL this fall. He is a very, very good player.

2. Tyler Skaggs (Diamondbacks): Everyone is still knocking Jerry DiPoto for the Dan Haren package. Well I ask why? Skaggs and Corbin both have a chance to be above average Major League Starters. Skaggs has really good stuff and is expected to rise quickly. He’s already one of the better prospects around.

3. Stephen Parker (A’s): Steve has done nothing but succeed since he was drafted last year. I’ve always liked him especially from the draft, and I expect him to keep on hitting next year.

4. J.D. Martinez (Astros): the problem with J.D. Is his knees, which makes him a defensive liability, but he’s one of the last batters you want to face in the minors if you’re a pitcher. Expect to see him in the Space City sometime next year.

5. Aaron Sanchez (Blue Jays): Definitely one of my favorite prospects in the minors. He is a good athlete who narrows down the chances of an injury, he has an effortless delivery which also makes the chances of an injury unlikely, and oh by the way, he dominated the GCL and made his way up to Rookie Ball as a just-18 year old. I’m really excited about Aaron Sanchez.

6. Angel Morales): (Twins) Definetly one of my favorites. Sangel has all of the tools and they are all there as well. He does everything that a “Twins type of player” does, and may be a perennial 50 SB guy with a good glove and a .380 OBP throughout his MLB career.
7. Johnny Giavotella (Royals): Another Royals prospect who will impact the team a great deal in a few years. I look at Johnny the same way I look at Dustin Pedroia, they are almost exactly the same player. Johnny is also the perfect #2 hitter for any team.

8. Billy Hamilton (Reds): Tons of tools, and the scary thing is, they are already there in Rookie Ball. Billy has a chance to be one of the games most special players and although he is still in rookie ball, he is closer than most think.

9. Corey Kluber (Indians): Still don’t understand why the Padres would trade a future #2 with really good stuff. Well the Indians have themself a pitcher who can definetly impact their rotation sometime soon. Kluber reminds me a lot of what Thomas Diamond was to Texas, but he’ll definetly have a better career than Diamond.

10. Michael McDade (Blue Jays): Love the power that Mack Daddy has. He also plays 1B extremely well. I was talking to one of my buddies on the Fisher Cats and he said that McDade can walk faster than he could run; so that’s a problem. But there is a 100% chance that McDade will be in AA next season and I expect him to do nothing but hit and get on base, AND scoop some balls out of the dirt.

11. Drake Britton (Red Sox): How do you not like this talented starter for Greenville? He is exactly what teams want in a young starter; left handed, strikes out more than a batter per inning, has good poise, and pitches consistently. Not that the Red Sox rotation needs more help, but Britton will definetly provide it when ready. I’m really excited to see him pitch in the EL when he is there.

12. Trayvon Robinson (Dodgers): The Dodgers have themself a special player is Trayvon, someone who can switch hit, get on base, and play the position well. I expect him to be a very successful Major League Outfielder.

13. Adam Warren (Yankees): Betances, Banuelos, Noesi, and oh yeah, another Yankee farmhand who strikes out more than a batter per inning and puts up good numbers where and whenever he pitches. Expect the Yankees to take a good look at Warren in Spring Training next year.

14. Eric Thames (Blue Jays): Eric, a great guy and a guy I know as well, is definetly someone to keep an eye on. He is underrated because of his age, but he was drafted at the age of 22. He is currently 24, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a future OF for a Major League Team. From what I know, the Jays keep a lot of their top prospects in NH, mainly because its closer to Toronto. I do have high hopes for Eric though and expect him to continue his success and maintain it at a higher level.

15. Joe Gardner (Indians): Joe strikes out a lot of batters, but can he continue to do so at the higher levels of the Indians system? I hope so. But for now, he is someone who I like and hope others keep an eye on him as well.

16. Alex Cobb (Rays): Still can’t believe people don’t know about Cobb. He has great stuff for a Rays pitcher, and that is saying a lot.

17. Jean Segura (Angels): Another Angels prospect who does all of the little things right. Segura is a few years away, but has plenty of upside and potential. Expect to hear about him more when the Angels are trying to make some trades.

18. Francisco Martinez (Tigers): I really like Francisco. Has a really high ceiling and plays the game right. He is still young, but is definetly someone to keep an eye on and certainly a player who will be in many GM’s phone calls for years to come.

19. Josh Harrison (Pirates): Another reason why the Curve won the EL this year. Harrison hit 1 home run but drove in 75 runs. He has speed, and is someone to definetly keep an eye on.

20. Liam Hendricks (Twins): Put up great numbers this year, not the best of stuff though. But can definetly succeed as a Twins pitcher because he is a strike thrower at worst.

21. Francisco Arcia (Yankees): I’m sure Yankee fans are saying, can’t we move this guy to the other NY borough? Well Staten Island isn’t far from the Bronx, but Arcia isn’t close to being Major League ready. He will impact the team though when he is in the Majors.

22. Rudy Owens (Pirates): Was the Pirates MILB Pitcher of the year, but we all know that he was the MILB and MLB Pirates pitcher of the year. A big reason why the Curve were EL Champions.

23. Rashun Dixon (A’s): Kevin Goldstein likes Dixon as well as I do, and he was great for Kane County this year. He has a chance to be a poor mans Carl Crawford, but will definetly steal 50+ bases per year at the Major League Level. I’m really excited about the A’s system, and Dixon is a big reason for that.

24. Edgar Olmos (Marlins): I have always liked Olmos, but due to his rough august, people are only going to look at his overall numbers which were very good (9+k/9 and a sub 4 ERA) before the last month. He has a chance to join Koeller and Vilanueva as 3 starters for the Marlins who can impact the rotation in the new ballpark, so keep an eye on Olmos.

25. Luis Jimenez (Angels): doesn’t hit for mucch power, but plays the position well. Then again, playing for the Angela’s like the Twins, its about defense as well, un that aspect, Luis can definetly be something special for LAA.

26. L.J. Hoes (Orioles): A perfect player for the Orioles. L.J. gets on base, is fast, and plays the game the right way especially defensively. The Orioles already have a lot of talented position players, and Hoes is just another guy with tremendous tools and speed. Expect him to force Brian Roberts out of Baltimore when the time comes.

27. Derrick Robinson (Royals): Another favorite of mine, he played a big part in the Naturals dominance of the Texas League this year. The Naturals also had one of the best teams in Minor League Baseball history. D-Rob was a big reason for that. He provides switch hitting speed, something that Royals executives and fans should be excited about.

28. Ryan Gennett (Brewers): A very good 2B prospect for the Brewers, keep an eye on this middle-infield talent.

29. Leonel Santiago (Royals): Doesn’t have the greastest stuff on earth, but this guy can pitch. I know a lot of Royals experts like him, as do I. But I definetly believe that Santiago might be one of the better pitching prospects in the Royals organization. Anytime you dominate rookie ball, you have an eye on yourself, but Santiago has a chance to even better than most think.

30. Domingo Santana (Phillies): Had a rough season for Williamsport, but the sky is the limit for Santana, who has tons of potential.

31. Ian Krol (A’s): The A’s don’t have enough good pitching at the Major League Level right? No, I am joking, but Krol is another guy with good stuff who is young (19). And by the way, does it help if he’s left handed?

32. Patrick Keating (Royals): A power arm with really good stuff out of the Royals system. The Royals system is just awesome, simple as that.

33. Kyle Seager (Mariners): The Mariners have Franklin, Ackley, Liddi, and now Seager as some prospects who will impact their infield in a couple of years. Seager has done nothing but hit this year, and is expected to do the same next year.

34. Armando Hernandez (Mets): I like Hernandez as a back of the rotation starter, but he may be more than that. We’ll see what happens when he pitches at a higher level.

35. Crawford Simmons (Royals): I never thought I would say this, but the Royals are getting sick of having incredibly good left handed pitching prospects in their organization. Well if thats the case, Simmons won’t make them any happier.

36. Bobby Carson (Mets): Another Mets prospect who has potential even though he was roughed up a bit in AA. He is still seen as a pitcher who top of the rotation stuff and potential, just when will he reach that potential is the question.

37. Brandon Gomes (Padres): So the Padres bullpen is pretty darn good already right? Well Gomes can make in even better and well by the middle to end of next season. Great numbers as a reliever throughout his career and continues to do nothing but pitch fantastically and strike batters out.

38. Hector Noesi (Yankees): I like Noesi, and if he can maintain his strikeouts, he can be a good pitcher. Ever since Betances and Banuelos came on to the scene, Noesi has over shadowed, but I still think Hector can continue to pitch well at a higher level.

39. Felix Sanchez (Red Sox): Felix has all of the tools but he is years away from being the Red Sox starting CF. He USA a traditional leadoff guy in that he gets on base, guys for a high AVG, and steals a number of bases. Has lots of upside and is a special prospect for the Sox. Reminds me a lot of Jacoby Ellsbury.

40. Trystan Magnuson (Blue Jays): Great guy and someone who I have had some pretty good conversations with this summer. He doesn’t throw very hard, but is a really good late inning reliever who locates and gets outs when he needs to.

41. Cody Stanley (Cardinals): Cardinals fans should definetly be excited about Stanley. He has good tools, something that the higher levels of the Cards organization lacks.

42. Neil Holland (Nationals): I met Buster Olney at a Vermont Lake Monsters game this summer, and he seemed more excited to see Neil Holland than me. Does anybody know why? Well Holland, a NYPL All-Star this season, was the best pitcher for the Lake Monsters this summer, and has potential to be another weapon out of the pen for the Nats.

43. Austin Wates (Astros): Tons of speed, gets on base, plays a good defensive CF; is anybody else wondering why he wasn’t drafted sooner?

44. Kyle Petter (Indians): This is a guy who a lot of people like, especially John Manuel and myself. a 34th rounder this year, is a future weapon out of the pen for the Tribe. Has really good stuff and may move quickly.

45. Brad Meyers (Nationals): If he can stay healthy, he has top of the rotation stuff. Notice how I said, “IF” he can stay healthy.

46. Brayan Villareal (Tigers): Not a very big guy and may be a reliever in the long term, but Villareal has really good stuff and is a bright spot in a not so great Tigers system.

47. Jose Altuve (Astros): This 5’5 toolsy SS for Lancaster played great this year and has impressed a lot of people connected with the organization. Jonathan Villar is closer to the Majors than Altuve, but expect to hear more about him for a while.

48. Tommy Koehler (Marlins): I actually currently play in the Babe Ruth League that Koehler played in, although I wish I was as good of a pitcher as he is.

49. Matt Bush (Rays): Yes, the guy who was drafted as **** 1st overall by the Padres instead of Verlander, Pedroia, and Gallardo. Bush has now re-found his career and is a reliever who has really good stuff.

50. Charles Furbush (Tigers): Furbush has top of the rotation potential and is left handed. He is putting up good numbers at AAA and although the season ended a bit badly for Furbush, he will definetly be someone who can impact the Tigers rotation as soon as next season.

Interview with Royals expert, Greg Schaum

The man who I am interviewing here is one of the most knowledgable people when it comes to the Kansas City Royals. His name is Greg Schaum and I encourage everyone to check out his blog @ www.RoyalsProspects.com. This interview is simply bases on many Royals fans excitement on the future of the organization. Check this out.


Me: Talk to me about where you think the Royals system ranks among the best in Baseball.

Greg: I think it has to be the number one system in baseball right now. The Braves, Rays, and Rangers have some studs but 1-6 on the Royals would be 1-2 on the majority of teams in baseball. (Hosmer, Moustakas, Myers, Montgomery, Lamb, and Duffy)

Me: Who are some sleepers in the Royals organization?

Greg: The first name that comes to mind is a pitcher who pitched in the Arizona League this year named Yordano Ventura. The buzz on him grew as the season progressed and I think this would be a name to watch next season. His teammate Robinson Yambati is also quite the find for the Royals organization.

The Royals also have a young catcher named Salvador Perez that is a great catcher and his bat really emerged as the Wilmington season went on. He reminds me of Sandy Alomar JR.

Me: Talk about the progression of Some of the higher level Royals.

Greg: Wow, I do not think you can not talk about progression without mentioning the awesome seasons that Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer have had.

Mike Montgomery and John Lamb both came out of the gate fast in 2010 and even though they have slowed down in the last few weeks they both have had big years.

The return of Danny Duffy to the Royals has been big and he is a legit future big leaguer. I also really like Chris Dwyer and he might be the closest to the majors of all of the Royals lefties.

Wil Myers, though, might end up being the best of the entire group. He looks to be that franchise type of guy that is such a rarity in baseball.

Me: Give me your thoughts on some of our favorite Royals from Surprise: Yordano Ventura and Darian Sandford.

Greg: I talked about Ventura already but Sandford is a burner that was a late round draft pick. The odds are stacked against him but that does not mean he could not end up being a special player. But, I will wait to make a prediction on him after he has some full season ball under his belt (I do have a interview lined up with Darian this week so check that out)

Me: Who do you like among the Royals 2010 draftees?

Greg: I really liked Whit Merrifield and Kevin Chapman during the college season. I think Chapman could be a Norm Charlton type of reliever…The upside of Merrifield is becoming a type of player that always makes a club better but is not a regular player. Brett Eibner was a great pick in the 2nd round and even though I liked him better as a P he has that rare ability to provide power from the right side of the plate. He has a chance to be a special player with the bat and glove (he is a very good OF)
I like Christian Colon because he is a winner and will do whatever it takes to win games. The Royals have done a great job building a future team of winning type of players. He will be a perfect compliment to Moustakas.
The local kid the Royals drafted named Jason Adam has a chance to be a special pitcher. He is a RH and he has a ton of potential.

Me: Who are some future weapons out of the pen in the Royals organization?

Greg: Louis Coleman can throw every day and is very deceptive. Tim Collins is maybe 5’7 but the lefty has terrific stuff and knows how to pitch. I think Aaron Crow ends up as a reliever and he has 2 pitches that could make him a late inning guy in the future. I mentioned Chapman already and the Royals have another lefty named Blaine Hardy that could be a reliever in the big leagues (He will pitch in the big leagues but right now the Royals are trying him as a starter because he has command of four pitches)

Me: Do you think the Royals international signings are starting to pay off? Especially in the lower levels…

Greg: Yes, Cheslor Cuthbert is a young slugger in the mold of Gary Sheffield. He has a quick bat and is only 17 years old. He is the best of the group of international guys.

Me: Talk about the great season that the Northwest Arkansas Naturals have had, and the progression of Hosmer, Giavotella, D-Rob, and the lefties.

Greg: The Naturals are one of the best AA teams in recent memory. They have the right mix of speed, defense, power, and pitching. They have some greay character guys like Everett Teaford and Clint Robinson (who both have had excellent seasons) and were provided a spark in the first half from Moustakas and in the second half from Hosmer. Derrick Robinson is an exciting young player that has had a big rebound season. He still has some improvements that need to be made but he is as fast as anyone in the game.
Giavotella is a fine hitter with great bat control. He is a perfect #2 hitter and will knock the ball out of the park every so often. I would challenge anyone to find a better group of lefties than the Royals have in their system (all of them have pitched for AA at some point this season) at any one time in the last 30 years.

Me: Last one, Describe the expectations of Pat White and what kind of progression he is expected to make plus his ETA, this is all assuming he stays in Baseball.

Greg: From what I understand Pat White is just testing the water right now. It is not a fact that he will stick with baseball. But, if he does than you are talking about a potential 5 tool guy. He was a terrific high school star and has a great arm, can fly, and used to be a terrific hitter. This could end up bring a fantastic sign by the Royals organization.

What it would take to lock up Gio Gonzalez

           So I’m on a 7 hour train currently from Vermont to New York and as I’m looking at the corn fields in the distance and the trees as green as you’ll ever see, I said to myself, aren’t those Oakland A’s colors? So I got my laptop and then a thought came in to mind, shouldn’t Gio Gonzalez be at Ricky Romero or Jon Lester status by at least next season or the season after? I sure think so.

With tons of young quality arms in Baseball, you have to expect that eventually a majority of them will get locked up after hitting arbitration at their respective time. Well some pitchers will and should get locked up before they hit arbitration. I’m sure some names that are coming to mind are David Price, Mat Latos, and Tommy Hanson among others. Well my guy is Gio Gonzalez. No, his ERA isn’t as marginal as Bucholz’s or Clayton Kershaw’s, two more young pitchers who will get the big bucks either before they hit arbitration, or when they build up their value even higher.

Obviously, Billy Beane’s plan is starting to turn in to reality as it was a dream in the past. Would I have traded Carlos Gonzalez for what is now Michael Taylor? Absolutely not, but I am a huge fan of plenty of Billy Beane’s other moves. You have to like the Nick Swisher for Gio Gonzalez, Fautino De Los Santos, and Ryan Sweeney deal at the time it was made. Nick Swisher is now hovering around .300 and will probably total up 35 home runs this season, but at the time of the deal, Nick didn’t have his head on straight. Literally, some flaws in his swing caused him to hit anywhere from the low .200’s to maybe .270 during certain times of some seasons. Yes, he did rack up 35 home runs one year in the bay area, but the point is, at the time, acquiring Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Sweeney (two highly touted prospects at the time), and Fautino De Los Santos for a player who again, wasn’t the Nick Swisher we’ve grown to love on the Yankees now.

So Gio, who has obviously found his feel for pitching this season, is really pitching. And I use the word pitching to describe what Gio is really doing. In ’09, his k/9 was 9.1. His ERA in that season was 5.75. So my point is, he’s pitching, meaning he has lowered his strike out rate to throw more strikes and try to get a ground ball or two, hence 127 K’s in 154.0 IP.  Not sure if any of you remember, but Torii Hunter also claimed that Gio Gonzalez had the best curveball in Baseball, and if you watch him pitch, it seriously looks like the ball is attached to his hand the whole way through when he throws the aforementioned 10-4 curveball. Nothing tells me that Gio Gonzalez won’t improve on this season in 2011. So I’d like to compare Gio’s potential contract to Matt Cain’s first contract.

Matt Cain, in the breakout season in which earned him an extension, he pitched 190.2 innings which was worth a 3.5 WAR. Gio so far, after last nights dominant start against the Tribe, has now logged 161.0 IP. Now listen to this, our good friends at ZIPS project that Gio will log 197.0 IP and finish with a tremendous ERA (3.52) for a pitcher in what is really his first full season. His current WAR is at 3.0 so I’m thinking it could reach the 3.5 or at least close to that of the 2006 Matt Cain.

So Matt Cain got 4 years worth $9 Million with a club option, but lets remember that Matt Cain finished with a 4.15 ERA. So even if Gio finishes with a 3.72 (not saying he will) which is 20 points higher than ZIPS projects, isn’t he worth a little more? Plus Gio has logged more career innings than Matt Cain did at the time. So let’s say 4 years at $12MM could work, which would buy out free agent years and if an option was added, it would keep him in the Bay for 5 years. Gio Gonzalez is certainly tempting Billy Beane to at least consider it and in my opinion, this off-season Gio Gonzalez will in fact be locked up.

MLB Mock Draft as of 5/17/10

First off, I want to give a special thanks to Jonathan Mayo for helping me with out by supplying a ton of information on our favorite amateurs. Second of all, I will be updating the mock draft every few days. So if you don’t like it, stick with me.


Nationals – C Bryce Harper

Pirates – SS Manny Machado

Orioles – RHP Jameson Taillon

Royals – C Yasmani Grandal

Indians – RHP Karsten Whitson

Diamondbacks – LHP Drew Pomeranz

Mets – RHP Deck McGuire

Astros – RHP Dylan Covey

Padres – 3B Zack Cox

A’s – OF Michael Choice

Blue Jays – 3B/SS Nick Castellanos

Reds – OF Austin Wilson

White Sox – LHP Chris Sale

Brewers – RHP A.J. Cole

Rangers – OF Josh Sale

Cubs – RHP Aaron Sanchez

Rays – OF Bryce Brentz

Angels – LHP James Paxton

Astros – RHP Brandon Workman

Red Sox – C Kellan Deglan

Twins – SS Christian Colon

Rangers – RHP Alex Wimmers

Marlins – RHP Kaleb Cowart

Giants – RHP/OF Brett Eibner

Cardinals – RHP Jesse Hahn

Rockies – RHP Anthony Ranaudo

Phillies – RHP Stetson Allie

Dodgers – 2B Kolbrin Vitek

Angels – RHP Matt Harvey

Angels – SS/RHP Yordy Cabrera

Rays – 2B Delino DeShields Jr.

Yankees – RHP Tyrell Jenkins


I have made my Mock Draft for the first 3 rounds. So just let me know if you want me to post it. Thanks!

Twins lock up Denard!!!!

Denard Span is one of Baseball’s bright young stars and is really one of the bettter good guys in the game. I think this deal certainly means dedication to the team but dedication to Denard himself. He means a lot to Twins Territory and means a lot to Baseball fans among the U.S. like myself. I am so happy that the Twins locked up Denard and I think that this can only mean the Twins have a great young core and will be able to compete for plenty of years to come One of the reasons I love Denard is becuase he is just such a nice guy. He really cares about the Twins and the Twin Cities. He also cares about his fans. He responds to almost every single question a fan asks him. The Twins have such a good management and thankfully, their young core is locked up with a few to get their long term contracts soon.. Obviously, the next big contract is Joe Mauer, but for now, Twins fans and Span fans like myself can dance in the streets because at last, the Twins locked him up!!!!

He’s just Spanny being Spanny!!