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Twins lock up Denard!!!!

Denard Span is one of Baseball’s bright young stars and is really one of the bettter good guys in the game. I think this deal certainly means dedication to the team but dedication to Denard himself. He means a lot to Twins Territory and means a lot to Baseball fans among the U.S. like myself. I am so happy that the Twins locked up Denard and I think that this can only mean the Twins have a great young core and will be able to compete for plenty of years to come One of the reasons I love Denard is becuase he is just such a nice guy. He really cares about the Twins and the Twin Cities. He also cares about his fans. He responds to almost every single question a fan asks him. The Twins have such a good management and thankfully, their young core is locked up with a few to get their long term contracts soon.. Obviously, the next big contract is Joe Mauer, but for now, Twins fans and Span fans like myself can dance in the streets because at last, the Twins locked him up!!!!

He’s just Spanny being Spanny!!