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20 Baseball Facts That You Didn’t Know

These are 20 facts that you didn’t know. Trust me, you definetly didn’t know. Not that these are in any order, but you can rank them for yourself. I think all are equally interesting. Enjoy!

Matt Kemp had a -0.24 UZR in 2010. Horrible season for Matt Kemp. I’m not going to say that Ned Colletti and the Dodgers management pressure didn’t have anything to do with this, but if he didn’t have that final week surge, he might be jealous of Melky Cabrera’s season.

Alexi Casilla has had the last AB of the regular season 2 out of the last 3 seasons. Good news is the one of those was a walk off that got his team, the Twins, in to the postseason, but the other was a game ending fly out that got the White Sox in to the postseason.

Ray King holds the record for most consecutive games without issuing an intentional walk. One of my favorite pitchers of all time. Not that this stat is found in record books or in the Hall of Fame, but I thought you’d be interested in knowing this.

Joe Inglett threw a knuckle ball at 54 MPH this season, and recorded an out. According to Fangraphs, this is true, but he can thank his incredible pitching staff for making that possible.

Darren Oliver was the first American league pitcher to pitch to a National league batter not including the world series or All-Star game. Ironically, this game was a matchup between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.

The 1990 Twins executed 2 triple plays in a game. If anybody was wondering, I don’t think Bengie Molina was on the opposing team. Perhaps the turf at the Metrodome helped the Twins fielders out.

Johnny Burnett, in 1932, got 9 hits in a game. Cesar Izturis should take note. Even though this game was 18 innings, 9 hits is nearly impossible. I guess they didn’t believe in intentional walks back then.

Zack Greinke in 2010 was 11th in WAR among qualified pitchers. His value is extremely high which is something people don’t realize. He is in line to bring at least 2 superstar players back to KC plus two other extremely good young players.

The only time in history that two sets of siblings played in the same infield in the same game were the Larkin’s and the Boone’s in the mid 90’s. On a side note, Al Leiter was once scheduled to face his brother on the Phillies, Marc, but a rainout thought differently

The Texas Rangers selected both Anthony Ranaudo and Drew Pomeranz in the 2007 draft, both of whom obviously did not sign. Most of that draft for the Rangers was used to acquire Cliff Lee, Christian Guzman, and Bengie Molina. I do have a feeling though that signing Pomeranz and Ranuado would have been a tad smart.

Before every game, umpires must rub around 6 dozen balls to get rid of the shine off the balls. This is obviously so Ken Macha wont march out of the dugout and ask the umpires, who are apparently shoe polish experts, to determine if there is polish on the ball, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Justin Upton, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds B.J. Upton, and David Wright all played for the same high school team at the same time. That’s like 8474683 home runs every game right?

The Cleveland Indians’ 1999 draft produced only 3 players who have gone on to play Major League Baseball; Jeff Baker, Fernando Cabrera, and Ben Francisco. All of the others are what we call “duds” and this draft was widely considered the worst draft by a single team in MLB history.

 B.J. Upton’s real name is “Melvin Emmanuel Upton.” This is just me, but M.E. Upton doesn’t exactly have that ring to it.

Kila Ka’aihue has a brother in the A’s organization, Kala Ka’aihue. Kala was a dominant minor league first baseman back in 2006 but everything went downhill from there

When Charlie Kerfeld, whose uniform number was 37, learned that Jim Deshaies had signed for $110,000 in 1987. He asked for and received $110,037.37 plus 37 boxes of orange Jell-O.

A “shuuto”, a Japanese gyroball type pitch, is a backward slider, which is horrible for the elbow but used prominently by japanese pitchers. Dice-K apparently throws one, as does Hisashi Iwakuma. Japanese pitchers though have 10 pitches in their arsenal though I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more have a history of throwing one.

As part of his contract, Tim Beckham had to personalize every Baseball that he signs. On the other hand, Hanley Ramirez is not allowed to sweetspot any ball he signs.

Ryan Ludwick and Cody Ross are the only two players in Major League Baseball who bat right and throws left. You would expect there to be more, but I bet there are more left handed batters who throw right.

Kauffman Stadium has the second largest jumbo-tron in sports. Which venue has the largest? Well your going to have to figure it out yourself, I don’t give answers away like that, but it rhymes with Schmallas Schmowboys Stadium.

-Dave Gershman

Interview with Shawon Dunston Jr.

This is an interview with 2011 potential 1st rounder and Outfielder for the Valley Chritian High School in Freemont, CA. Shawon is also the son of former MLB All-Star, Shawon Dunston (obviously. Shawon is a really good guy and was very willing to do this interview, so hope you enjoy it.
Me: Your likely to be a first round pick in next years draft. Aside from getting drafted, what are you most excited about come next June?

Shawon: well I do not know if I will go in the 1st round in the draft, I cannot control that, but i can control playing hard and continue to work hard and getting my game better in every aspects. I am excited about the draft, but also excited about college, which i have not made my commiment yet, but will really soon!

Me: What’s it like having a father who played the game as a mentor and cheerleader?

Shawon: its great, but at the same time tough, my dad pushes me hard everyday and he is the one who keeps me level headed with everything and I just learn and take things from him because he has been there and done that.

Me: If you could pick any team to draft you, which team would it be and why?

Shawon: The rays because my favorite player Bj Upton plays on that team

Me: There are rougly 8 months until draft day. What kind of work will you be doing physically to prepare for the draft?

Shawon: I will be doing alot of leg work, to improve my strength in my legs, and some upperbody work to add more pounds on me
Me: What similiarities do you and your father have in terms of your playing abilities?
Shawon: We both play hard, we are both fast. Hitting I have quick hands and wrists which i got from him.
Me: Talk to me about what you anticipate when thinking about begininging your pro career.
Shawon: Whenever if it is the summer of 2011, or the summer of 2014 I know i am one step closer of reaching my ultimate goal which is playing in the Majors.
Me: Aside from possibly your father, have you been given any comparisons that you think suit you? If so, who? and Who are some of your favorite players?
Shawon: I have been compared to Dexter Fowler which I can say that is true, because we both are fast and have talent, and we just havent put it all together yet. My favorite players are Bj Upton, Dexter Fowler, Ryan Braun and Jose Reyes

Me: What has it been like facing the best pitchers in the nation? I know the best pitcher you ever faced was A.J. Vanegas who was just drafted by the Padres. Describe the challenge of competing against the best pitchers and players and the return to high school ball.

Shawon: Besides Venagas whom is at Stanford now, it was great facing pitchers like Tyler Beede and Mike Kelly and so on. You want to compete against the best and if you are considered as one of the best you have to step up and prove it. It will be a challenge, but I know what it is like to play against the best in the country and coming back to high school ball i will have to be on my top of my game, because no one is going to hand you anything.

Me: How excited are you for your final high school season and do you plan to change any part of your game?

Shawon: I am very excited i want to win a section title for my high school team. I want to be more of a team leader, lead by example, and I want to use the whole field hitting, and not just one side of it.

Me: Final question Shawon, The _____________ are going to win the World Series this year.

Shawon: Giants