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Should the Mets sign Jesse Crain?

The off-season is still really in it’s early stages, but the Mets have been connected to pretty much every relief pitcher on the market. They signed D.J. Carrasco which I think will turn out to be a tremendoud signing; Mets relievers did a horrible job in the middle to late innings in ’10.

I’m thinking the Mets should consider Jesse Crain for the later innings on a multi-year deal. Not only is there not much to lose, but if Crain continues to dwindle on the market due to being a Type A, his price will eventually come down as we soon approach the magical day of the first day of Spring Training.

Among other choices, are Grant Balfour and our good friend Pedro Feliciano. But I think Crain fits the bill. A big ballpark for a strikeout and fly ball pitcher will do the Mets wonders as they attemp to patch up the later innings and not blow a win for Johan, Pelf, or Niese.

Keep in mind, he won’t be any less effective than Joaquin Beniot over his respective three years.

Just a thought, but I’d like the to see if the Mets will consider Crain, who is a great guy and a tremendous hard throwing late inning reliever.